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Foreword by Dezaray Barr

The experience is something that will change the rest of your life. Whatever the opposite of regret is, that’s how I feel about this experience. — Dezaray Barr, Intern at WeTeachMe


The undisputed king of franchises, George Nadaff, once taught me: “He/she who builds 10 people is superior to he/she who does the work of 10 people. In other words, if you take on the responsibility of 10 people you will end up in the shit house. Especially if you’re in the toilet business.”

Irreverent humour aside, George’s clever quip is imbued with a lot of wisdom.

Accordingly, I invest in my people and my team, and I have seen the benefits–perhaps selfishly–from taking a genuine interest in their health, hopes, and dreams. What I know for sure is that all the wins and accomplishments aside, I am nothing without my team. It may look effortless, but believe me, my team carry me 1,000 times further than I could traverse on my own. And for that, I owe them my focus, my time, my attention, and a genuine desire to invest in them. After everything is said and done, I believe with absolute conviction, that if you take care of your people, they will take care of everything else.

So what exactly does “invest in them” mean? For me, it means:

  1. Lift from where you stand
  2. The times you/they are challenged are your/their greatest opportunities for growth
  3. Don’t limit your/their challenges. Challenge your/their limits.

And so, to bring the above concepts to life, I share with you a story of an exceptionally bright intern from WeTeachMe by the name of Dezaray Barr who joined the WeTeachMe Team 10 weeks ago.

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