The 10x 100

The 10x 100

A collection of practical advice, how-to’s, ideas and tutorials to 10x your life

[Letter #1] Opening remarks
1 — [Tool] Habits, The life-changing power of habits and how I use them to transform my life
2 — [Tool] Goal-setting: How to systematically achieve your goals at an accelerated rate
3 — [Tool] Habits, A monthly review
[Letter #2] What I know for sure
4 — [Tool] 10-year goals, How to get this right
5 — [Tool] Let’s turn those habits into hyperdrive
6 — [Tool] Prioritisation, How to no longer feel overwhelmed
[Letter #3] What I know for sure
7 — [Tool] How not to be distracted
8 — [Tool] Decision-making, Flipping a coin
9 — [Tool] Decision-making, Going with your gut
[Letter #4] What I know for sure
10 — [Tool] New year resolutions, A game you can play with those closest to you
[Letter #5] Closing remarks

[Bonus #1] Interview with a master
[Bonus #2] Tools I use and recommend
[Bonus #3] Books I read and recommend

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The Idea

1 — Each article will be practical and accompanied with worksheets and templates so that you can action it right away

2 — Each article will have a personal story component so that you can connect–and remember–it

3 — All articles come from personal experience. I only write about things I have lived through, have made mistakes with, and have learned from

4 — My goal is to help 1,000,000 people with this collection of articles so all I ask of you is to share, email, or print and leave it with someone you think will benefit from this

5 — I want to hear your stories. Did you benefit from this? Leave a comment below, or on the article, or get in touch

6 — I’m here to help. Any questions leave a comment and I will endeavour to respond

7 — This collection consists of 10 articles of at least 100 words

8 — Language will be as simple as possible so that it is accessible to as many people as possible

9 — Articles will be released once per fortnight

10 — At the conclusion of this collection, I will announce the next collection

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