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Getting to know Kym

Kym has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, the tools of entrepreneurship, and leadership, and has an insatiable curiosity on the application of the tools of entrepreneurship and the principles of leadership in the business, the self, the family, and the community, and the positive and lasting impact this can have.

I’m looking forward to helping you scale in life.

“Kym coaches with a wonderful humor and a gentle approach. He is masterful.”

What will you talk about?

Some of the most productive sessions start with no topic at all. With Kym, you’ll find the topic quickly.

“Kym has got a real way creating engagement with people.”

Coaching philosophy

Kym believes in coaching that helps you enjoy the rewards of personal growth, without adding more to your plate. He’ll do the heavy lifting–and work with you–so that you thoughtfully push your boundaries, and experience constant progress.

“Kym is amazing and shares vulnerably from his heart. Kym is both warm and engaging, and I really value the time I spend with him. He has a wonderful ability to keep everyone engaged in a gentle and heartfelt way.”

Coaching methodologies

Kym employes, and weaves, multiple coaching techniques–often in tandem with one another–during his coaching sessions. Below are some of the coaching techniques he employs:

  • Humanist coaching, A non-judgemental and supportive approach that helps clients access and understand their feelings, accomplish their goals, and develop a stronger sense of self
  • Adult development coaching, Assisting in learning to grow and mature into the fullness of adulthood
  • Cognitive coaching, Exploring the thinking behind practices
  • Positive psychology model for coaching, Scientifically-rooted approach to helping clients increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance, and achieve valued goals
  • Systemic coaching, Methodically guided self-reflection to consider systemic contexts of concern from different perspectives
  • Goal-oriented coaching, A collaborative, solution-focused, and systematic process which is aimed at enhancing performance, self-directed, learning, and well-being
  • Adaptive coaching, Identifying the patterns of interaction and decision making that create unproductive tension
  • Life coaching, Clarifying your goals and identify the obstacles holding you back, and come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle

When he opens his mouth, his words come from a book.”

Methodology comparison

Learning MethodCoachingMentoringCounselling
The Question:How?What?Why?
The Focus:The PresentThe FutureThe Past
Aim:Improving SkillsDeveloping and Committing to Learning GoalsOvercoming Psychological Barriers
Objective:Raising CompetenceOpening HorizonsBuilding Self-Understanding

He’s the Oracle.”

How it works

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He has a wonderful calmness, and possesses a great intellect coupled with high EQ.”

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I call him Yoda.”

Kym has this ability to make me feel both calm and reassured; like we’re both standing looking out towards the ocean and watching it go to sleep; like I am on the right path.”