Kym Huynh is a keynote speaker available for presentations at corporate events and conferences. He presents to audiences all over the world and can present on any of the following topics:

  1. How to launch and grow a business (the story of WeTeachMe)
  2. How to structure your life for maximum efficiency and output
  3. How to structure and grow sales teams
  4. How to hire and manage virtual teams
  5. How to scale your business based on four key decisions: (1) cash; (2) strategy; (3) execution; and (4) people

Here’s what people are saying about Kym:

“Kym is engaging, informative and down-to-earth. His use of humour allowed the room to relax and get involved in the discussion. We all took a tremendous amount of value from Kym’s presentation and I look forward to future presentations from Kym.” – Riley Kirkpatrick, Director at Harland Wine Company

“Kym ‘s presentation was very insightful and I’m so glad that I was there to hear his growth story. Not only did he provide a stack of tips, tricks and insights, but his story was also very inspiring and motivating. After attending that talk I now have heaps of clarity for the direction where I’m moving and I’m so motivated that I’m ready to go out hunting for the KILL. Also, the way the session was delivered in a way that made everything clear, and it made me realise to keep things uncomplicated because simplicity is my friend. I cannot thank Kym enough; I love his work!” – Hayden Langhorn, Managing Director at InterCheck

“I’ve seen Kym speak on two occasions now; a curtain raiser that I’ll never forget, and more recently a most engaging, humble and honest talk about how he grew his business, the mistakes he made, and learnings gained along the way. While we didn’t want it to end, Kym’s talk filled the room with energy, filled my pages with notes, our heads with fresh ideas, and a drive to be resilient to business challenges. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend one of Kym’s talks, I highly recommend you go.” – Tim Syratt, General Manager and Co-Founder at Call Dynamics

“I recently attended a talk Kym gave. It was incredibly insightful for anyone wanting to build an outbound sales framework with plenty of helpful tips.” – Carter Xu, Co-Founder at TRAPT Bar & Escape Rooms

“Kym is an amazing speaker and who shares vulnerably from his heart. Kym is both warm and engaging, and I really valued the time I have spent with him. He has a wonderful ability to keep the group engaged in a gentle and heartfelt way.” – Robert Sinkus, Founder at Global Telemanagement Inc.

“Kym did an outstanding job with the Vancouver EO Accelerator Chapter.” – Brad Caton, Founder and CEO at Invictus Professional

“Kym has an amazingly serene style of teaching that makes people feel comfortable and engaged, and helps attendees get the most out of their learning experience. He is fully engaged with everyone in the room and makes sure everyone comes away with a sense of achievement. I can’t speak highly of Kym enough.” – Karen Farr, Chapter Manager at EO New Zealand

To book Kym for your next event please email mbc@huynhfg.com.