What I learned from Steve McLeod (Founder at Fire & Safety Australia) and Rory Boyle (Founder at Hampers With Bite)

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“Every single person, when I was running my business as CEO, every person on the first day I would take them through the vision as the first thing that we did. I wanted to see the light in their eyes; is this something that excites them or is this something they think is hard work. I would say that every people decision in the business is based on our core values and that my job is to get the right people in the business and the wrong people out because we wanted to create a strong culture, an engaged culture, not a negative culture. So highly recommend building a great culture through the use of core values.” – Steve McLeod

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. I see so many businesses that are planning and planning and planning and planning. Sometimes it is better to start, break a few things, and fix it along the way. Set some big goals and start taking action towards it.” – Steve McLeod

“One of the numbers that I’m obsessed about in my business is how many current clients or prospective clients [do] my team go and see each week. I know that if we’ve got a team of 12 and they’re in front of 120 existing or prospective clients each week, the business will grow.” – Steve McLeod

“I mentored a young woman a few years ago and she had a chocolate business. She said, “I want to sell my business in a few years’ time so that I can go have kids and take a break.” The first question I asked was, “How many hours per week are you spending meeting with prospective clients?” to which she replied, “Two.” I said, “Two is not going to get you the growth you want. I will mentor and help you if it is at least 15 hours every single week; not one week can you be less. In two years her business tripled because we worked out what was the activity we needed to drive, had the relentless discipline to do it week after week after week.” – Steve McLeod

“Take nothing out of the business that doesn’t need to be taken out of. Reinvest it back into the company, and not into yourself. Initially in the first 5 years that’s where we got our growth. We were seeing 100% growth year-on-year and it was because of that. We kept throwing everything back into marketing and growth.” – Rory Boyle

“I can’t recommend enough immersing yourself around entrepreneurs. I didn’t really start to learn until I put myself around people who were ambitious. You rise with the tide.” – Rory Boyle

“Any business [needs to ask themselves], “How [are we] going to grow? Are we growing from existing customers and selling them more, launching new products to existing customers, or finding new customers?” – Steve McLeod

“A good salesperson gets on the phone and does the hardest thing you can do and that is to face potential rejection; but this makes or breaks your business. If you really want to have a successful business you need to have the guts and courage to get out there, contact people, get rejected, and get hurt. Have the courage to sell by getting on the phone and putting yourself out there, and not doing it the easy way by just sending an email. Did the first ten calls go bad? You’ll be better on the 11th. Pick up the phone and do the hard work.” – Rory Boyle

“[Many entrepreneurs] fall in love with their product and service but hate selling. Sales is just going to speaking with someone and talking to them about [why you started your business]; go and tell the story. Sales is actually a really important profession and business owners can love it if they look at why they do what they do and how to connect prospective clients with it. Without [sales] no business can grow.” – Steve McLeod

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Steve McLeod established his first company Fire & Safety Australia in 2007. Today the business has revenues in excess of $10M and employs 150 people across Australia. Steve delivers a masterclass in how to grow your business.

Rory Boyle founded Hampers With Bite with his brother Nick in 2004. It’s actually one of a group of companies that the pair are Directors and Owners of, including Wholesale Promotions, Tastebuds and of course Hampers with Bite. Throughout their growth, the Boyle brothers have held onto the family business feel of their companies and put the customer at the centre of all they do.

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