Hannah Vasicek & Tobi Skovron: How I built my business Q&A

Kym Huynh —  August 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

“Go for it, embrace the fear of failure, and learn from every single mistake. That’s one thing I didn’t enact sooner and it’s something that’s really shaped me.” – Hannah Vasicek

“No one wants to talk about failure. It’s not until you talk about it that you actually start learning. Thrive off failure.” – Hannah Vasicek

“I’m not sure it’s me that needs to convince you. I think it’s you that needs to convince you. And I need to show you that it will be OK even if you do fall flat on your face.” – Tobi Skovron

“Don’t think about money as the barrier. Leverage your community. Leverage your networks. Don’t be a bull but don’t accept no. Just [see] no as a speed bump to get to the next corner, and just keep going. And if you have the heart, it will start to stack up. And let’s talk about ego: If I would have executed Pet Loo the way I thought we were going to execute Pet Loo at day 1, and where it finished 10 years later, I wouldn’t have made it.” – Tobi Skovron

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