Rory Boyle & Steve McLeod: How to grow your business Q&A

Kym Huynh —  August 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

“Any business [needs to ask themselves], “How [are we] going to grow? Are we growing from existing customers and selling them more, launching new products to existing customers, or finding new customers?” – Steve McLeod

“A good salesperson gets on the phone and does the hardest thing you can do and that is to face potential rejection; but this makes or breaks your business. If you really want to have a successful business you need to have the guts and courage to get out there, contact people, get rejected, and get hurt. Have the courage to sell by getting on the phone and putting yourself out there, and not doing it the easy way by just sending an email. Did the first ten calls go bad? You’ll be better on the 11th. Pick up the phone and do the hard work.” – Rory Boyle

“[Many entrepreneurs] fall in love with their product and service but hate selling. Sales is just going to speaking with someone and talking to them about [why you started your business]; go and tell the story. Sales is actually a really important profession and business owners can love it if they look at why they do what they do and how to connect prospective clients with it. Without [sales] no business can grow.” – Steve McLeod

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