The morning routine that prepares me for an exceptional day (10.10.10.)

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## The 10.10.10
* If you do the 10.10.10 exercise every morning, very soon reflection and awareness will become part of you
* 10.10.10 gets you up and going every day. It’s to put your mind in the right place. It’s to prepare you for the race. Our job is to give it our best ever every day, and when we do it we change the game dramatically.
* The process of the 10.10.10 has powerful consequences. It’s not the 10.10.10 itself, it’s how it prepares us for the rest of the day; to have an exceptional, great, day.
* The 10.10.10. changes your day
* One reason we start with 10/10/10 is to begin to understand the importance of time and that every second counts
* 10/10/10 sets your mind and efficiency in a particular order

## How to do it
1. 10 minutes of meditation. Sometimes I think about what I’m grateful for. Sometimes I think about the people most important in my life. Sometimes I just let my mind be still. I play this  [](
2. 10 minutes of reading something positive. The 2 books I am reading currently are attached.
3. 10 minutes of journalling. The question I write at the top of each page: “What is going well in my life?” Example journal entry attached.

I hope the 10.10.10 serves you as well as it serves me

With Warmth,

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