What I learned from Nathan Chan (Founder at Foundr) and Stephen Esketzis (Marketing Funnel Mastermind and Founder at Digital Marketers Australia)

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“Make that investment in yourself. The more you level up and invest in your knowledge and mindset, the faster you can grow your company. The growth of your company is a reflection of you as a founder; of how much you know and of how much you’re learning.” – Nathan Chan

“Be consistent with your content [in one channel]. Then move on to the next [channel]. One at a time. Be relentless on mastering one channel [at a time].” – Nathan Chan

“Data comes first. When looking at your data, numbers don’t lie. Test based on your gut instinct but data at the end of the day is critical.” – Stephen Esketzis

“Digital marketing comes down to 3 things: (1) Having the right offer. It’s got to be a high converting offer that resonates with your audience. Make it an irresistible offer; (2) Target customers. Be crystal clear on are your target customers are and how you will be reaching them. Because if you have the best offer but the wrong target market, they will not respond; and (3) The messaging of your copy. If you have the right offer and the right target customer but your copy misses, then they will not take action. It will be a dead campaign.” – Stephen Esketzis

“Your network is your net-worth. If everything went to shit and you lose your business, your network is what will to stay with you. Having a strong reputation and nailing the relationships game is more powerful than anything else. Marketing platforms will change. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram might be gone tomorrow; this stuff comes and goes like the wind. The network is what’s going to stay.” – Stephen Esketzis

“At the start of every year, I say to myself, “I am going to have a good stab at these goals. I’m gonna give it a good, hard crack for the next 12 months and see what happens.” – Nathan Chan

“I remind myself, “I could be this close but if I give up now, that’s it. It is definitely over.” Keep mentally reminding yourself. You could be one campaign away in making something work. Same with business. You could be one opportunity away, or one person away, in turning your business around.” – Stephen Esketzis

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Nathan Chan is the Founder of Foundr, the magazine that profiles entrepreneurs. Nathan started Foundr at the top by interviewing Sir Richard Branson – he then gave away that copy of the magazine to supercharge the Foundr brand. Since then he’s interviewed Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and he shares their insights and his own in this brand building masterclass.

Stephen Esketzis is the marketing funnel mastermind and Founder of Digital Marketers Australia. He launched his first business straight out of high school with the Meggle App which hooked people up with their nearest bar or nightclub. Building a 10,000 strong network for the app took Stephen deep into the world of digital marketing. Today he builds marketing funnels for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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